SROH - Working Group Update

Working group have completed their review and work will begin shortly on devising document.


Now preparing SROH version 3 Wales for consultation in the autumn.


The Specification for Reinstatement of Openings in Highways Version III Working Group:


Michael Young - Welsh Government

Ken Evans - Vale of Glamorgan

Mo Abraham - Powys & Ceredigion

Alan Rainford - Virgin Media

Jason Parfitt - Daniel Contractors - Resigned with effect 24/09/12 and replaced by Graham Bond - Wales & West Utilities


The group first met on 8th June 2012 to review this Code of Practice.

The complete English document was divided into five parts for each of the group members to review, compare and highlight the differences with the current Wales 2006 SROH CoP.

Due to summer commitments and leave it was not possible to reconvene the group in July or August and the next scheduled meeting is Wednesday 26th September 2012.

The group met on 26th September 2012 to review the English V3 of the Code. Pages 1 to 47 were reviewed and a number of changes identified, also some sections would need to be looked at in a little more detail and discussed with other colleagues.

The group met again on 24th October 2012 to continue their review and the process is proving more time consuming than originally envisaged, as every detail of the Code is being closely scrutinised. The second meeting has taken the group to page 90 of the Code and highlighted parts where consultation will be necessary, the group have noted these and will form part of the official Wales consultation document for the Code in 2013.

The group will meet again on 17th January 2013 at 14:00.

The group will meet again on 21st February 2013 at 14:00 and reviewed pages 60 to 90.

The Group will meet again at the end of March, date to be confirmed.

The Group will meet again on 23rd May.

The Group met for their final meeting on 26th September 2013 in Llandrindod Well to review the final two parts of the Code. Mike Young will now collate the comments and concerns raised throughout the process and produce an amended version.

Consultation questions will need to be devised.



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